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Approval level: 91%
Updated : 2010-09-04
Downloads this week: 42.395
Times recommended: 90
Category: Graphics
SubCategory: Photographic Retouching
Type: Freeware
Size: 3.193kb.
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"Photofunia, the best on-line graphic editor you can find."

If you want to create fun photo montages, and touch up your favourite photos to make them the most original, and surprise your friends with your creations, you shouldn't miss the chance to edit them with Photofunia.

This marvellous service has hundreds of ready prepared templates available, so that you just have to insert the original photo into the program. It will be ready in just a few seconds, with surprising results that will leave your friends and family gob-smacked. And this is because with Photofunia you can change the photo to look like a museum picture, a window dressing for a shop, or even graffiti on a wall. There are endless effects to add, like shading, colour changes, etc, and a wide range of filters. And the number available is increasing every week!

Photofunia specializes in montages using people's faces, so in just a few clicks your face can appear in an astronaut's suit, driving a car, on the body of a sportsman ... there is a large variety to choose from so just let your imagination run wild!

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